RODE Microphones

Great Ideas Deserve Great Audio

No matter how great your idea is, bad audio will make sure that no one wants to listen.

This passion project for RODE Microphones was inspired by the relentless amount of virtual meetings that came with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, many people were unprepared for this sudden change leading to boards full of loud background noises, peaking microphones, and unhappy listeners.

All of these experiences gave combined into the inspiration for an awesome commercial idea for a microphone company. Specifically, RODE Microphones seemed perfect for this concept.


Creative Direction:‍
Brad Naugle

Brad Naugle

Brad Naugle

Audio Engineering:‍
Brad Naugle


Brad Naugle

Olivia Naugle

The Idea:

Brad Naugle, founder of Molehill Studios, had just gotten off of what felt like his 100th Zoom call of the day due to the sudden remote nature of work, thanks to COVID-19, and decided he needed to take a walk to decompress. While on the walk, he realized that even though people had great ideas it could be physically uncomfortable to listen due the to poor quality of their audio.

"Well," Brad thought, "this seems like a huge pain point that a microphone company could use to leverage in marketing." So, he got to work and wrote up a script and researched which company would be the best possible candidate for such an ad, landing on none other than RODE Microphones as the perfect candidate.

The Idea In Motion:

It all started with a prompt and a few illustrations:

RODE Sketch_01_edited.jpg

Then a mock-up / reference video was created.

The rest was just a lot of hard work and dedication to finish up!


"This is great! So good and so on point!"

- Angus Forbes, Creative Director at RODE

Thanks for looking!