Molehill Studios

Molehill Studios - Reel

Our first official reel!

Some of our favorite moments from recent projects we have worked on, We hope that it will inspire, delight, and entertain you!

List of Projects:

Listed in order of Appearance:

  • Molehill Alien Bumper - Personal Project

  • Great Ideas Deserve Great Audio (RODE Microphones)

  • Gameboy Kid - Personal Project

  • Compassion Summit Graphics - OX Creates

  • Bird & Hawk - Personal Project

  • Hello Balloon Robot - Personal Project

  • Hooligans - Personal Project

  • Lift Hairspray - Hair Story

  • How to Install a Shower - Menards

  • Turning Point - Waubonsee Community College

  • Moscow Mule - Personal Project

  • "Hoopla!" - Personal Project

  • Collection of Social Posts - Personal Project

All featured content was illustrated, designed, and animated by Brad Naugle.

Thanks for looking!