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Streaming Package + Branding

Twitch streamer PandasLifeee aka Panda needed to take his stream to the next level. He was gaining views and building a community, but the visuals felt "bland and uninspired". Panda turned to Molehill to incrementally upscale his brand with a full suite of emotes and a stream package that felt fun, but still professional.

Building from the ground up, Molehill developed the iconic panda mascot and worked with PandasLifeee to delve into stream chats to flesh out which moments and reactions the audience would want at their disposal. The end result is a continued increase in viewership and an audience ready to spam :PandaDab: in the chat to raise the hype.


Creative Direction:‍
Brad Naugle

Brad Naugle


Brad Naugle

The Concept

Even though Pandaslifeee can often be found running and gunning his way through the latest Call of Duty game, Panda wanted something approachable and fun to reflect his personality. Additionally, a streamers icon needs to stand out amongst the average of 2.2 million others who stream on a regular basis. Thus, the original concepting of the panda mascot was born.

Seasonal Designs

Because streams thrive on regular viewership, it is important that the stream feels alive as well!

Thanks for looking!

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