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Waubonsee Community College

Turning Point

It can be easy to feel stuck in life. But at Waubonsee Community College, community members can find their turning point and pursue their passions.

Waubonsee Community College wanted to make a big push for enrollment and remind non-traditional community members that there are many career certificates that can give a jumpstart to an idle career path. So, working alongside the Marketing and Communications team, we came up with the script and got to work on what would be "Turning Point."

One of the biggest hurdles to jump would be that this was the first time the college used detailed character illustrations and we needed to make sure the college's pillar of diversity was honored. After a few conversations with the client, we came up with a system to make sure all people in the community might feel represented and valued by their community college.


Creative Direction:‍
Brad Naugle

Written by:
Brad Naugle

Stephanie Wennmacher

Design and Animation:‍
Brad Naugle

Sound Design and Narration:‍
Brad Naugle

Story Board Thumbnails

Story Board Thumbnails

After nailing down the script, the project moved into the story board phase. Where key movements and shots are drawn in tiny "thumbnails" so that any changes can be made quickly and easily. A lot of the initial ideas stuck around for the final version!

Character Illustrations & Diversity

This commercial represents the first time Waubonsee Community College used character illustrations with enough detail to identify race and ethnicity. Waubonsee's value of Accessibility made it clear that representation in the characters was important. This opportunity became even more sensitive upon inspection. When a company is advertising trade worker jobs, these roles come with a lot of stereotypes and baggage attached to them. So we put our heads together and came up with a data-driven system to turn stereotypes on their heads and create an ad that not only speaks to the Waubonsee district community, but showcases underrepresented peoples thriving in unexpected positions.

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