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"Leave people, places, & projects better than how you found them."

About Molehill Studios

Molehill Studios is on a mission, to further empower our clients' ability to create a lasting, positive mark on their audiences and leave them better than before.


We breathe life into each client's story with compelling writing, animated visuals, and sound design. Our strive for creative excellence is made possible through a commitment to clear communication while escorting clients through our simple and effective creative process.

Animation isn't the most important thing in the world, people are. Molehill Studios is committed to take every opportunity to do good to everyone.

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Great creative is nothing without great communication.



Animation can tell any story. In the ideation phase, we partner with clients to make sure we tell the RIGHT story. This includes scripting, mood boards, and references, to ensure that everyone has a clear and correct direction to take the project.



Still images and ideas are brought to life here. This is where we get full asset creation and animation. From kinetic type to character animation to animated graphics, the animation step is always exciting for client and animator alike.



Loose, flexible, and fast imagery is created to convey the look, feel, and visuals of the story. This step includes storyboards and style frames, which allows clients to get their first glimpse of a finished project, while allowing flexibility for larger scale story revisions.


Finishing Touches

The final step of finishing touches takes the animation to the next level. The addition of sound effects, beautifying filters, and textural overlays complete the project with details that elevate and enhance every frame.

The Team

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