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Al-New Aluminum Cleaner

What is Oxidation?

Aluminum oxidation is no joke, it makes all sorts of appliences and hardware around your home look worn down and dull. Which is why Al-New has come on the scene to restore and protect your home.

However, the oxidation process is not something the general public is aware of, which is why Al-New contacted us to create a quick explainer video for their product.


Produced By:‍
Doug Thiel

Brad Naugle

Brad Naugle

Audio Engineering:‍
Brad Naugle

Voice Over:

Anthony Bozin

The Look:

Explaining why and how aluminum oxidizes is a complex system, so we wanted to compliment that with simple and easy to understand visuals. There were a lot of possible approaches and a lot of iterations to play with. However, through all of the questions, one thing was clear. The science had to be accurate.

The Science:

We were able to have a demonstration / Q&A session with one of the lead chemists who works on Al-New. They broke down the process and fielded questions, while we were focused on asking clarifying questions in how this would translate visually.

The Feedback:

Brad immediately had a grasp on what I was looking for and walked me through the process with storyboards, rough motion panels all the way through the final piece.

He took my idea and actually made it quite a bit better than I would have ever imagined.

-Doug Thiel, COO of Americo Chemical

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